The Offer in Compromise program was created by Congress to give taxpayers the ability to settle their tax debt for less. In May of 2012 the IRS announced the "Fresh Start" program, which will allow more Offers to be accepted. However, most taxpayers do not understand the lengthy and difficult process involved from beginning to end to have an Offer in Compromise accepted.

Many taxpayers believe they can negotiate their own Offer in Compromise with the IRS. Several months later they find out that their Offer has been denied because they don't have the expertise or knowledge required to negotiate with difficult IRS agents. It has been proven that having representation drastically increases your chances of the IRS accepting your Offer in Compromise.

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"I am self-employed and owed the IRS $56,641 from back taxes. With your help, I was able to reduce my tax debt to $2,800."

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"I owed the IRS $22,712 of back taxes and my wages were being garnished by the IRS. After using your services, you were able to get my debt down to $1,950. Thank you very much!!"

Carl from Philadelphia, PA


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